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Why are our Children Getting Cancer?

A Truly Heal Approach - By Marcus Freudenmann (Founder of Truly Heal)

Brain tumors, sarcomas and Leukemia are the leading form of children with cancer. Some have been treated with no success while others have severe damage and side effects from the radiation and chemotherapy. Many have secondary cancers from the toxic load and suffer severe side effects.

The hopelessness of these parents is overwhelming and inspired this post.

Toxins that cause childhood cancer are everywhere...

Carcinogens are found in the soil, water and the air that we breathe and have been accumulating in our bodies since the Industrial Revolution.

Every year 10 million tons (over 21 billion pounds) of toxic chemicals are released into the air, our farm fields and water through factory pollution, big agricultural run-offs, mining, toxic dumping and many more.

Over 2 million tons (over 4.5 billion pounds) per year are recognized carcinogens that all accumulate in the food we eat and ultimately in our bodies.

On top of all environmental toxins we also add toxins like colours, preservatives, food enhancers…, skin care products and household cleaners to the list which in the end becomes a toxic cocktail that impacts weakened systems and causes many different degenerative diseases.

This bio-accumulation of toxins negatively interferes with human reproduction (infertility), the immune system, hormonal system, detoxification pathways and leads to programmed auto immune diseases.

Toxins also cause DNA impairments that greatly impact all body systems but in general impair detoxification pathways which are then passed on from generation to generation. You are a victim due to the lack of public health education!

The lack of public health education in midst of a toxic vortex is the biggest problem today. If the public knew about the dangers and would be educated of the consequences then at least they would have a choice, because ignorance is not always bliss. The price tag of cheap food, cheap luxury and convenience are ultimately exorbitant.

It’s tough to tell a mother and father that their child’s cancer may be a result of their own toxicity, deficiencies, infections, inflammations or hormone imbalances. It’s extra difficult because we all know that as parents we never intentionally wish to harm our children.

Yet increasing numbers of childhood cancer indicate that the abuse we do to the world and ourselves effect our offspring in many ways. Cancer is just a small portion of the damage we cause. Obesity, diabetics, autism, ADHD and many other chronic degenerative diseases are just different ways these kids use to raise alarm.

All toxins are directly passed from mother to child.

As Dr. Garry Gordon said in the documentary “CANCER is curable NOW”. “Children are the waste basket of the mother and whatever mercury the mother has in her mouth, whatever toxic food she eats, it’s all passed on to the baby.”

The second part children inherit from us parents is the gut micro-biome. A healthy bacteria flora is crucial for the healthy development of a baby, but most parents have been treated with antibiotics or anti-depressant medication, have used disinfectants in household cleaners, soaps, shampoos and so on or have eaten preserved, genetically modified (kills bacteria) and poisoned foods. The result is a dysbiosis (overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria) which can be the sole cause of cancer. Many strands of helicobakter pylori and other pathogenic bacteria are directly linked to many cancers.

Most people think children come directly from heaven and are pure and clean, but they forget that these children come through us. They inherit everything we have accumulated for them. First born children get the biggest load of toxins while the last born often suffer from deficiencies.

In 2014 the world health organisation announced for the first time that we will outlive our children due to their health conditions. ADHD, Autism, obesity, Diabetes, cancer, depression, insomnia, infertility and many more degenerative diseases are increasing exponentially all over the world and reduce the lifespan of generations to come.These results are extremely shocking because they clearly show that our lifestyle and environment from the moment of conception have massive consequences on the health of our children.

There are many more causes that can lead to childhood cancer. You can be poisoned by an ignorant dentists who uses Amalgam to fix your teeth or even more dangerously removes fillings without any precautions.

Your toxic burden can be increased from growing up on a farm with fertilizers, toxic sprays and the use of antibiotics for the animals. You can be poisoned by plastics, live nearby to a chemical factory or just swim in a river which is polluted by a mix of neuro toxins from a farm upstream. There are hundreds of little causes that all compile into a massive problem that you may pass on to your child.

Most people don’t know that the eggs in a female body are all present from the moment of birth. This means they can accumulate for many years all the toxins, xinoestrogens, endocrine disrupters and carcinogens the mother is exposed to. These eggs can also be depleted of all the minerals and nutrients due to deficiencies of the mother.Reversing childhood cancer

Conventional treatments with chemo and radiation are mandatory for all children under the age of 18 in almost all countries except Germany. If parents do not wish to have a child treated with the golden standard; the SWAT team (official government agency) takes these children away from their parents and are force treated. Parents have no choice in the matter and have to flee the country as soon as they get a diagnosis to avoid such barbaric treatments.

Unfortunately most parents are completely unaware and start a treatment protocol which has massive side effects.

  • Long-term side effects of conventional treatments for childhood cancers include organ toxicity, growth and hormonal defects, infertility and secondary cancers.

  • Two-thirds of survivors report at least one chronic medical condition and one-third report at least one severe or life-threatening medical condition.

  • 5 year childhood cancer survivors have a 30 times greater risk of developing a secondary cancer than the general public. With a cancer rate of 1 in 3 that’s a very bad outcome.

Alternative medicine has also very little success in reversing childhood cancer. Most remedies which are proclaimed to be miracle cures have failed in thousands of cases. Some of them may have an initial short term effect but very rarely have a long term effect. Many parents buy and try many of these remedies only to find out that in the end nothing works.

That’s why we have distanced ourselves completely from these “CURES”

Functional medicine is the only effective way to reverse childhood cancer but it can be very costly and requires a high level of health education of the mother and a 100% commitment of the whole family to pull it through. Much support is needed as this is not a short term job, but a life time commitment.

There are many things that can be done to remove all causes and to restore the health of a child but they require sound judgment and a very competent guide.

The best process to learn and implement for childhood cancer is Functional Medicine, as taught in the TRULY HEAL protocol. We have several mothers in the TRULY HEAL health coach training and they prove to be very motivated and thorough students.

Here is an outline of what they learn:

  • How to identify competent doctors and partners to perform tests and treatments

  • How to communicate what they need and want with these partners

  • How to keep an overview so that no possible pathway to recovery is missed.

To achieve this they learn:

  • about latent and acute infections and how to treat them immediately

  • how to test fatty acid, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and how to restore balance

  • how to test for heavy metal and plastic toxicity and how to detoxify with all possible means

  • how to check all detox pathways and support and restore them

  • about dysbiosis and toxic gut bacteria and how to restore a healthy balance

  • how to test acidity and the milieu of the body and how to alkaline

  • about parasites and how to treat them with non toxic treatments.

They also learn how to change habitual causes like:

  • unhealthy diet and beverages

  • toxic home or school environment

  • sleeping habits and conditions

  • exercise and fitness regiment

  • stress levels from games, TV and electro smog

  • stress level from too many activities

Many children also have emotional trauma which needs to be resolved in order to activate their immune system.

  • resentments

  • anger issues

  • trauma due to loss or divorce

  • shame

  • guilt

  • self-minimisation

All this can be resolved with a method all our coaches learn.

Childhood cancer can be reversed in many cases because children have a very powerful ability to heal when all possible immune suppressors and causes are removed.

That’s why the top priority of functional medicine is to restore balance and to create a healing environment. After that TRULY HEAL health coaches learn how to use some of the best immune modulators, immune boosters and natural cancer remedies to support the body in the recovery. These remedies often do not show any results when used in a sick and unhealthy environment but when the body is well prepared they can perform miracles.

Author: Marcus Freudenmann (Founder Truly Heal)

Shared by: Tracy Power (Certified Truly Heal Coach)

Smiles & Blessings x

Tracy Power

(Originally shared by Tracy on February 19th 2016)

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