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About Wellpower
& Tracy Power

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What is Wellpower?

Wellpower is the health and wellness company started by Tracy Power. Tracy is a passionate advocate for wellness, empowerment and healing based in science and nature.

Wellpower encompasses Tracy's various entities, services, passions and healing outlet.

Understand the origins of your disease and get armed with the information needed to re-balance and restore proper function within your body.

Wellpower is currently only just beginning and growing into it's full self. Here are just some of the services that you can look forward to from Wellpower:

  • For those seeking truth and wanting to take more responsibility for their own health: Get immersed in Tracy's informative blogs filled with insight and inspiration. Whether you are unwell or just wanting to prevent illness and live a long and regenerating life full of vitality, there is plenty of information here if you are will to take the power of your health back.

  • Been diagnosed with Cancer or another disease and looking for answers?: Utilise the range of services Tracy offers starting from a free initial consult then move onto one of her paid services. Have a comprehensive health evaluation and coaching programme designed just for you. Available globally.

  • Purchase products like immune boosting equipment of your own to use at home.

  • Wellpower Research Clinic is Tracy's designated area where she continues to dive deep into breaking down cancer and other lifestyle related diseases to discover the root cause and what will work best to treat.

  • The Wellpower Health Club COMING SOON - this will encompass holistic healthcare and education, immune boosting treatments, delicious spa therapies, workshops, support, coaching, and much more.

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Meet Tracy Power

Holistic Health Practitioner, Health & Cancer Coach, Bachelor Holistic Health Science, Masters Natural Medicine, Phd Post Graduate (Doctorate ND)

I have held a long time belief that we hold the key to healing within us, this holds true for enabling prevention also.

After a divinely driven persistence to pursue this, I walked away from a 30 year career as a paramedical aesthetician and business owner, and embarked on a journey of education, research and learning as much as I could on this topic. Collecting the keys to help prevent, reverse and heal cancer and other degenerative diseases.

I am currently a post graduate student completing a Doctorate of Natural Medicine and Quantum Physics.

My Path:

  • I have become a certified Truly Heal™ Health coach

  • Hold a bachelor Holistic Health Science from IQUIM

  • Undertaking a Masters, Phd and Doctorate of Natural Medicine at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine – My dissertation is Emotions, Beliefs and Cancer – the impact on the physical body within a quantum physics perspective

  • A Smart DNA physiognomic consultant

  • Studied Anti Ageing Medicine with A5M Australasian academy of Anti Ageing Medicine

  • An avid researcher, seeker and teller of the truth

I join a growing movement of highly regarded and intelligent people leading this crusade around the world bringing the truth about Cancer.  Through this site I will share theirs and and my own discoveries with you as they continue to unfold.

I hope to:

  • Inspire you

  • Educate you

  • Share my knowledge with you in the hope it may transform your health and your life in some way

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and please sign up for my newsletter so I can share new and exciting developments with you …..

“Your Health is your Wealth and your Right”

Tracy Power x

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