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What is Cancer?


Cancer is a word we are generally taught to fear in todays society. We see it as a curse, a dead end street or just bad luck due to a lack of information. It has reached epidemic proportions world wide and its incidence continues to grow, now even affecting our children as a secondary generational affliction.

It is of my strong opinion that education is of primary importance moving forward if we are to begin to halt its rampage.


What actually is cancer? The simplest way to describe cancer is “abhorrent cell growth” It is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells. These cells have lost the ability to self-destruct (apoptosis) due to their own mutations. Malignant cells grow until a mass of cells becomes a tumor and interfere with the normal functioning of that part of the body.


Why? Why cancer cells originate has been a hot topic from the day cancer was first discovered. Unfortunately, even today we are still unsure of the exact reason cancer cells are formed. There is much debate and theory around this which I will discuss in upcoming blogs. Be rest assured though the immune system plays a vital role in eliminating these rouge cells before they get to the multiplying stage so it is of upmost importance to maintain strong immune function at all times.


What to do...

Firstly don't panic!! You have time, so take time to understand what is happening, ask questions, do your own research. Seek the root cause of your disease. Investigate what has worked for others.

Seek outside support if you feel you need it. Coaches like myself are able to help you understand and give researched information to aid you in your cancer journey.

There are many lifestyle choices which can be implemented, some of which are more than likely contributing factors to your diagnose, so well worth looking at as part of your recovery - see listed below the pillars.

Investigate alternative treatments and products which will assist your recovery regardless if you are having conventional treatment or choosing the alternative path or a combination of both, these work wonderfully at boosting and supporting the Immune system.

My Seven Pillars of Cancer Healing and Prevention


1. Nutrition
Nutrition plays such a vital part to the equation - in healing and prevention, weather we are detoxing, trying to alkalise - food is thy medicine and it is very powerful

2. Deficiencies
It is important to discover deficiencies in the body that could be contributing to your condition. Functional Medicine testing along with draft of other tests can determine this and give you a clear picture of your biochemistry.

3. Toxicity & Detoxification

We live in such a toxic world!! Our bodies are bombarded daily by chemical preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs and countless other toxins we ingest which all play havoc on all the systems of the body. Therefore its is important to look at the levels of toxicity in the body and support the pathways that help eliminate them. This is vital for prevention of cancer and also vitally important for recovery.

4. Alternative and integrated therapies

This area is growing as more success is being encountered and more and more evidence seems to come from treating with a holistic approach, mind body and soul and searching back to the cause then correcting the breakdown whilst supporting the system to be strong and healthy. This may also be supported by conventional treatment as deemed necessary.

5. Emotional, mental & Spiritual Cleansing

No one can deny there is a emotional component to cancer and seeking therapies that may help with clearing emotional blocks, pain and hurt should be undertaken - this is vital!!


6. Strong Immune System

It is important to boost and heal the Immune system and remove all factors contributing to its weakening - stress, nutrition, microbes, viruses, bacteria in the body. A strong immune system knows what to do and can heal your body.

7. Exercise & Oxygenation

Cancer cells are anaerobic so they do not like to be in a oxygenated environment so it is therefore important to get out and oxygenate the blood - exercise of aerobic type will achieve this - you may also consider ozone therapy.

What to know!! Education...


I feel education is the way forward so as many people as possible are informed about what can be done to rid this world of cancer - it is a symptom of how we are living as a planet and things must change if we are to beat it!!


So lets all start now with eating the right organic whole foods, detoxifying our bodies regularly, supporting our immune systems, being mindful and kind, reducing stress wherever possible, educating ourselves and our children - working towards a toxic free world!!

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