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Cancer & Stress - A Truly Heal Approach

By Marcus Freudenmann (Founder Truly Heal)

TRULY HEAL Definition: Stress – “not knowing how to handle/solve a problem/situation”

When you have to run away from a tiger or encounter a sudden stressful situation your body responds with …..


Your hypothalamus sends out nerve signals via your spinal cord to your adrenal medulla to release Epinephrine and Norepinephrine into the blood stream. This breaks down glycogen into glucose to increase the blood sugar level which in turn increases blood pressure and heart rate as well as your metabolic rate.  This sudden change in blood flow patterns leads to increased alertness and decreased digestive and kidney activity.

This process is called the flight and fight factor that makes you think fast and run even faster. A normal process we all need to function in a stressful situation.


What happens when the stressful situation is not short lived and is continuously causing you to be stressed? Then our body experiences a long term stress response which has huge implications to our health.


The long term stress response is also initiated in the Hypothalamus but instead of using the fast connection via your nervous system, it’s initiated by hormones that activate the pituitary gland to flush out ACTH into the blood stream which is converted in the Adrenal cortex into Mineralocorticoids and Glucocorticoids.

Mineralocorticoids lead to sodium and water retention by the kidneys which increases the blood volume and blood pressure. The rise in higher blood pressure can result in a host of health problems including heart disease.

Glucocorticoids break down proteins, fats and convert them into glucose to increase mobility. This causes a rise in blood sugar. A study has shown that men under permanent stress are 45% more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

But this is not all. Stress has repeatedly been shown to weaken immunity by disturbing the balance of microorganism in your gut, leading to multiple digestive problems such as bloating, intestinal gas, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation. After a certain time IBS, Crohn’s disease, peptic ulcer, leaky gut are the result of chronic stress causing you nutrient deficiencies through malabsorption and chronic inflammation.

In a 2010 study, a stressful work environment was shown to double the risk of developing insomnia. During sleep you detoxify, regenerate and HEAL!!!! Your sleeping patterns have tremendous effect on our overall health and the development of cancer.

Chronic stress exhausts sex hormone levels, and ultimately impair the body’s capacity to produce stress hormones.  This vicious cycle leads to chronic fatigue, an inability to handle stress and to low immunity. Did we mention that low immunity is the cause why your body can’t fight cancer?

Excess Mineralocorticoids (Aldosterone) in a chronic stress state causes large quantities of potassium and magnesium to be excreted into the urine. The deficiency of potassium and magnesium can lead to serious disorders such as depression, emotional disturbances, muscle cramps, muscle pain and pH imbalances – acidity. We all know that cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

There are only a few things to remember:

  • Stress causes an increased glucose level in the blood which causes insulin spikes. 

  • Sugar feeds cancer and insulin is a growth hormone for cancer cells.

  • Stress completely imbalances all your body systems and causes adrenal exhaustion, insomnia, inflammation, mineral deficiencies, leaky gut, malabsorption and a lot more.

  • It lowers your immune response and promotes an environment where cancer thrives.


“Cancer cells have learned to survive in a hostile environment”

Cancer cells survive without oxygen, grow without minerals and vitamins and explode in a toxic environment. They even thrive in an acidic body where healthy cells get sick or stop working all together.  Everything that causes physical, mental or environmental stress to your body like EMF, lack of sleep, fast food, environmental toxins… compromises healthy cells and promotes cancer growth. 

Cancer cells live almost exclusively from glucose and contribute to a high acidity, low oxygenation and a high toxic load to the body. They promote the environment they thrive in and so completely block all immune functions.

This in turn is PURE STRESS for a body that tries to heal. All body systems are in high alert to balance out what the cancer causes without even dealing with cancer itself.


From the above it’s very obvious that stress and cancer are linked and promote each other. Even though science and the medical field tries to deny a link between body, mind and spirit, it’s undeniable that we are not just machines where something can go wrong that needs to be fixed. We are energy beings where all components of our existence influence one another.

Just a diagnose of cancer alone is reason to be in total stress. “Not knowing how to solve THIS problem” leads to a massive outburst of Cortisol and Adrenalin which gives you heaps of energy to get you into gear.

As a motivational factor to learn how to solve this problem a burst of adrenalin can be good, as it  gives you a sharp mind, but when the problem persists, stress and cancer promote each other.

Many patient have experienced that stress in many other life situations also promote cancer growth. Stress at work, stress with a bully, financial stress, relationship stress and social stress are leading the field.

How to get rid of STRESS

There are many modalities to deal with stress. Amongst some of the most popular are meditation (hard to learn) Tai Chi, breathing exercises, TH-PRO, walking, exercise, gardening, group therapies, singing, chanting, mantra, prayer and so on.  Some even consider tapping as a good way to deal with stress.

BUT …. none of the above actually deals with the problem itself that causes stress and cancer.    


Tapping relationship stress away works really well while the nasty husband is not at home. So does meditation when it’s all still and quiet. But as soon as the TRIGGER returns all hell breaks loose.

In a way it’s as futile as taking a pill against the pain instead of removing the nail from your shoe. All of these solutions bring a short term relief but do not change the outcome in the long run.

Yes you can meditate for the next 10 years and become a master in ignoring all worldly challenges, but very few are that dedicated?

At TRULY HEAL you do not try to patch up a problem, but rather learn how to resolve whatever causes stress and cancer. To achieve this you split all possible causes of stress into the 7 areas of life and learn to deal with each of them in the most professional way.


Stress at work is usually caused by the inability to organise work efficiently. Instead of earning more money while working less, most people have the opposite effects. They work harder and longer and try to do more of what they have already done in order to have a different outcome. Einstein called this “Insanity”

To solve this problem is easy. Just get an independent consultant into your business to evaluate how you can improve your workflow, how to avoid wasting time on unnecessary tasks and how to optimise income streams.

Usually in a matter of 2 weeks this problem is resolved when you plan your time and your efforts with an end goal in mind.

This is by far the most constructive and common sense approach to removing a problem that tries to bite you in your butt (tiger) and causes you fear and stress.


Relationship problems come in many variations and intensities, but they all lead back to the same. “Not knowing how to ….. ” If you have never learned how to ice skate or have learned it from someone who does not know, you will most likely not be successful as an ice skater.

The same applies to relationships. They are easy to create and maintain as soon as you know how. Relationships are based on mutual support, good communication and respect. We call these relationships “empowered” where you help each other consciously to evolve.

Let me give you a few insights which may help you to understand the “how to”. 

Your partner always reflects how you feel about yourself.

If you have little to no self esteem and do not like yourself then why should your partners?(business, husband, wife,  young adults, friends, clients…) If you do not value yourself just as much as you respect their wishes, needs and desires why should they? As long as you give and serve and lift them above your own needs they won’t have a need to be grateful for what you do for them. They just reflect your own self image.

Many housewives and mothers know exactly what I talk about. They help, care and work, sacrificing their life for a family which is not even grateful. To the contrary they moan, complain and walk away when they have what they need.

Can this be changed? YES!!!! Very simple by making yourself rare, let them do their own work, setting rules, timetables and give some of your jobs to the rest of the family. Give your life a purpose and make sure they know that your purpose is just as important as theirs. Set aside time for your passion. Clear space for yourself and fend off intruders. You are just as worthy as they are.

If you value yourself they will too and are grateful when you are there for them. Let them work for it. It’s the secret to  years of relationship and most of all respect.


The TRULY HEAL coaching program is 100% designed to resolve all possible causes that lead to cancer in the first place as a preventative means and to reverse those which prevent a recovery. To achieve that we cover not only the physical body, but also mind and spirit. We even add lifestyle habits to the mix.

The result is amazing. Once all 7 areas are cleaned up and restored patients thrive and heal in in a very short time

We have to be very careful that the alternative medicine does not slip into the same madness as conventional medicine. Selling cures, ointments, pills and remedies to make money. It’s short sighted, unproductive and gives the whole industry a bad image.

Medicine should be common sense. Logical and easy to understand for everybody.

Remove the Cause and support the body so it can heal!

Author: Marcus Freudenmann (Founder Truly Heal)

Shared by: Tracy Power (Certified Truly Heal Coach)

Smiles & Blessings x

Tracy Power

(Originally shared on February 19th 2016)

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