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What Exactly is Anti-Ageing Medicine?

If you’ve ever wondered what anti-ageing medicine is and how it can help you live a fuller, healthier and longer life, then read on… This post is for you!

Anti-Ageing Medicine is aimed at the early detection, prevention and treatment of age-related decline; it explores methods to slow ageing and promote wellness into older age.

We live in a society that values youth above all else and while we may seek aesthetic enhancements to help us look younger on the outside, with a raft of wonderful promises from surgery, lasers and injectables; none of these treatments will halt ageing on the inside.

Many skin conditions and lifestyle-related diseases can be eased by receiving a health coaching assessment and following a guided personalised prescriptive protocol. This is an advanced form of functional medicine which focuses on locating and eliminating all causes of disease.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is the outward mirror of a sign of imbalance inside the body. Tired, lacklustre skin, or the presence of acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis can leave you feeling self-conscious, unhappy and fed up. No amount of creams, peels and magic potions can fix these skin conditions without addressing what is happening on the inside. Trust me, I have spent many years as a paramedical aesthetician and dealt with many cases. While topical solutions might help, they will never completely reverse these conditions.

Stress, poor gut health, toxicity, inflammation, glycation and food sensitivities all play a major role in annoying skin conditions, disease and ageing.

The Key Pillars used to target anti-ageing, longevity and disease reversal are:

  • Exercise: We gain many health benefits from regular exercise that is aerobic in nature.

  • Diet and Nutrition: Scientists have found that what we eat and how much we eat influences how long and how well we live.

  • Relaxation: Stress is, unfortunately, a by-product of our way of live, and can affect how quickly we age and how good we feel.

  • Supplements: Taking good supplements is important to provide nutritional building blocks required by the body to function well, protect against free radical attacks and build strong immune systems.

  • Medication: Using a balanced approach to vitamins, mineral and hormone supplementation through testing and assessment to restore normal levels can be highly effective in this wellness model.

  • Inflammation: Reducing inflammation in the body is a direct way of reducing illness and promoting wellness.

  • Genetics: Genetic research and testing is a growing area seeing remarkable steps in predictive and preventable health care in individuals. Using Smart DNA genetic testing with full comprehensive blood testing and analysis of bio chemical deficiencies and or excesses.

So, I encourage you to undertake my full comprehensive questionnaire so we can analyse your situation and get to the root cause of your skin condition, ageing or lifestyle-related disease and start reversing it.

Once a timeline and a full recommendation of recovery has been established, it is possible to get to work and reverse all of the conditions plaguing you. The same protocol can be followed for the prevention of disease.

If you follow this way of life permanently and from an early age your life will be enriched. You will be taking steps to prevent many health-related conditions and live in wellness, always! It takes courage and commitment but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Smiles & Blessings x

Tracy Power

(Originally posted on May 19th 2018)

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