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Welcome to Wellpower

At Wellpower, we do not just treat cancer or disease, we treat the whole person. Empowering you to be well, live your best life and continue making inspired choices for your future. 


Tracy Power, founder of Wellpower provides a range of science and nature based health and support services both online and in clinic to work through your health journey with you, provide answers, treatments and ways for you to heal as well as learn about the root cause of illness and disease. 

On this website you will find ways to connect with Tracy, inspiring and informative blogs, keys to living a full life and opportunities to receive tailored treatments to care and support you on your wellness journey.

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What is Wellpower?

Wellpower is the health and wellness company started by Tracy Power. Tracy is a passionate advocate for wellness, empowerment and healing based in science and nature.

Wellpower encompasses Tracy's various entities, services, passions and healing outlet.

Understand the origins of your disease and get armed with the information needed to re-balance and restore proper function within your body.

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Meet Tracy Power

Holistic Health Practitioner, Health & Cancer Coach, Bachelor Holistic Health Science, Masters Natural Medicine, Phd Post Graduate (Doctorate ND)

I have held a long time belief that we hold the key to healing within us, this holds true for enabling prevention also.

After a divinely driven persistence to pursue this, I walked away from a 30 year career as a paramedical aesthetician and business owner, and embarked on a journey of education, research and learning as much as I could on this topic.  

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The Wellpower Blog

I am passionate about raising awareness of our innate healing abilities and ways of overcoming chronic illness. Over on the Wellness Blog I share my wealth of knowledge, accumulated over years of experience and research + practical solutions that make healing a real possibility for everyone.

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